General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

From 25 May 2018 all organisations collecting and storing personal data need to ensure that there are clear procedures in place about the way personal data is collected, used and stored. You will be asked when joining the orchestra or renewing your membership to give your consent to your personal data being used and stored as described below.

Why we hold data about you

We hold data about you in order to:

  1. contact you about future concerts, events and dates of rehearsals
  2. maintain records of subscriptions paid and any donations made
  3. contact you if there are changes or cancellations to concerts and rehearsals
  4. plan rehearsals and concerts
  5. to inform you about other relevant musical events which may interest you

What data is stored and collected about you

We hold the following data about you to enable the orchestra to operate efficiently:

  1. Your name (first name, surname)
  2. Your postal address
  3. Your phone number(s)
  4. Your email address (if available)
  5. Subscriptions paid
  6. Music instrument(s) played in orchestra
  7. Your availability for rehearsals and concerts

Management of data held

  • The data given to us by you (on a printed form or otherwise) is stored on office bearers' electronic devices e.g. laptops, iPads.
  • The data listed above is classed as mandatory and is held in order to run the orchestra effectively and efficiently.
  • The data will be held in password secured files where it is possible to do so.
  • The data will be accessed by officers of the orchestra and persons to whom tasks are delegated for the administration of the orchestra‚Äôs business.
  • You may withdraw consent for us to hold your data that is not classed as mandatory by making a written request to the secretary.
  • You may see a copy of the data (mandatory and non-mandatory) we hold about you by making a written request to the secretary.
  • Your data is not shared with or sold to any other person or organisation unless there is a lawful requirement to do so. If a request is received to access your information we will pass the request on to you for your decision where appropriate.
  • If you cease to be a member of the orchestra we will delete the data we hold about you within one year of the termination of your membership unless there is a legal requirement for us to hold the data for a longer period, or if you ask us to keep your details on record.